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Email marketing no longer a strange service to a majority of business owners. Email marketing is a business activity by sending an email to a recipient in a list to introduce, promote, thank and so on in the hope that they will buy your product or service. The main task of email marketing is to build relationships with customers, create trust and increase customer brand recognition. Here I will list the main benefits of email marketing:


With email marketing, you can organize and track all data to improve your business activities and understand how your email marketing campaign works. For example, you can know how many people open emails, how many people click on links on emails as well as the number and conversion rate (tracking sales compared to the number of emails sent).  Those numbers are the result of your email marketing campaign.
You will also be able to track which customers forward an email, stop receiving messages or mark as spam. From there, you can better understand recipients’ interactions with your email and make changes to avoid being marked as spam.


When comparing email marketing and direct marketing, email marketing has a great advantage in cost efficiency. A direct marketing campaign can cost up to several hundred dollars for corrective letters printed on paper, while email marketing costs almost nothing but it can be effective enough. What’s more, email marketing is a targeted form of marketing – which means you can get in touch with people you know are interested in what is presented in the email.
Email marketing also helps you build trust, the loyalty of customers by providing useful, reasonable information in the email you send them.
If you are managing marketing budgets and want to get results that are worth spending, you should consider using email marketing. Moreover, writing a trial email notice is simple and easy, and especially … no postage fees.


Unlike direct marketing, email marketing can work automatically. Your company can easily schedule emails by month or week effectively.
Automation features are extremely useful, especially if you are preparing to launch a seasonal sales program (such as Christmas), advertising or announcing planned events of the year. With email marketing, you can set up email alerts and set time to send them in special times to help customers know your company’s products and services.


One of the important reasons your company should use email marketing is that it can boost sales. Sure, you don’t want your email to look like spam, so we’ll have better ways to use email marketing to sell.
For example, you can send an email to a news recipient when you have a promotion or discount. You can send customers discount codes so they can try your products and services. You even send your loyal customers special gifts for them. In many ways, email marketing can boost your sales effectively, and they can be measured.
Regardless of whether email marketing is being unfairly evaluated as a tool for spamming, it is still a highly effective way of marketing, not only strengthening relationships with customers but also helping to find new customers. When you want a low-cost marketing method with proven results to build customer relationships and boost sales, use email marketing often – that’s the simplest way.


While other marketing tactics need to take a while to know the results, email marketing delivers immediate results. After pressing the “send” button, your email is immediately sent to the recipient. You don’t have to wait all day or the whole week like direct marketing to send a letter to them, or wait for potential customers to search the website through banner ads or blog information.
Moreover, if you take the time to write down good, reasonable content in the newsletter, you will build a relationship with the recipients. By doing so, you have increased your chances of converting recipients into customers, or existing customers will become more loyal to your company.
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