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Currently, the concept of web hosting services is no longer strange to developers. Especially web developers, web hosting services are more and more familiar. We can understand that web hosting services work as a data center of our website. And depending on storage requirements, control capabilities, professional skill requirements, server speed and assurance we will choose different types.
In this article, I will introduce 4 basic hosting services that any web user needs to know.


With Shared hosting, your website is placed on a server along with many other websites, which can range from a few hundred to several thousand websites. Normally, these websites share the same resources from the server as RAM and CPU. At a low cost, most of these sites run standard software built into the server.


The low cost is also very easy for you to operate in the early stages because it does not require too many professional skills


There is no deep access to the system, is limited when your website has a large amount of traffic, and your website’s performance may be affected by other websites on the same server.


A VPS (virtual private server) is divided from a server, each website with VPS is like a server, but in fact, you are sharing a server with several other users, but only a few with hundreds or thousands like hosting.


Each user has deep access to his VPS space system and ensures better data storage environment than hosting. Websites need better security control and processing speed but do not want to invest in a server that can consider VPS.


Although there is a better processing speed than hosting, VPS generally has many limitations on this part if you choose VPS service packages that do not meet the requirements and your website’s performance can still be affected by other websites on the same server. However, the level of influence is not much.


A dedicated server gives you complete control over the server you set up your website. You are exclusively authorized to use it and can release it to other users. Your website is the only website on the server if you want.


You have full rights to use that server, have deep access to the system.


The only weakness of the dedicated server is cost. Dedicated servers are usually very expensive and it is only recommended for use when you really need maximum control and require quite high performance. In addition, you must make sure you have a certain knowledge to be fully in control of the server’s performance.



Cloud Hosting gives you an unlimited ability to handle large traffic. This is how it works: a group of servers (also known as clouds) works together to manage a group of websites. This allows multiple servers to work together to control traffic from any particular website within the managed group of websites.


Many Cloud Hosting is adjusted to limit deep access to your system and high cost.
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